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Tennis line sweeper Linienblitz

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The tennis line sweeper LINIENBLITZ has been produced by us since 1976
and is distributed now by many well-known merchants
of tennis court equipment all over the world.
(e.g. Germany, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, Danmark,
Sweden, Norway, the USA)
The line sweeper is made of synthetic material and therefore absolutly weatherproof.
The application of the
LINIENBLITZ is equaly easy to adults and children
as its handle allows every position wanted. It always works precisely
and quickly -
LINIENBLITZ means as fast as lightning goes - .
The line sweeper is provided with leaves of synthetic material instead of brushes.
This will avoid grooves on the sides of the lines.
In addition, synthetic leaves are better then brushes on humid courts.
LINIENBLITZ has high durability but can be repaired by simple exchange
of some parts - if necessary after years of wear and tear.
It only needs little maintenance. Removing ash or granules
by a hand brush or a water hose will be sufficient.
Due to its solid production quality in general and to its dustsealed bearings
in particular, a minimum of maintenance as described before,
LINIENBLITZ ready for use.
Because of the plus points of this carefully developed machine: long durability,
coastsaving repair after years - many Clubs and Commercial Tennis Centers
have given preference to
LINIENBLITZ up to now.
If you want we would like to give you the addresses of specialist shops
or stores in Germany or other countries as mentioned before.
Please note that the inscription : " LINIENBLITZ  T. SCHWARZWÄLDER,
made in Germany " on the inner side of the green bow of the machine
is copyrighted.

Enquiries of traders welcome.